he sun was shining in the garden so bright.
Eve met the snake and he changed her whole life.

He coaxed her to eat the fruit on the tree.
Told her it would help her to be smart and be free.

She picked the fruit and knew it was wrong.
She called out for Adam to help her along.

Adam came to her rescue, and the snake he did flee.
Adam said, "Did you pick off the fruit of the tree?"

"Oh Adam! The snake told me to take a bite."
He told me it would help me the rest of my life.

Adam took the fruit and ate the rest.
Then he knew he wasn't fully dressed.

A cloud came ove the garden that day.
God said, "Adam and Eve be on your way."

"No more can you live in the garden I say."
"You must toil and work the rest of your day."

"As for the snake on your belly you'll crawl."
"Get out of the garden, once and for all."

If the snake had minded his own business that day.
Think of the garden we might live in today!


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