he other day as a brotha' looked my way,
he asked "Sista', are you down with the revolution?"
Then with a sigh, I said "Before I reply,
What will be the guiding resolution?
Will there be bloodshed leaving legions of dead,
Will 'the man' be killed because he is 'the man',
Will there be blight for those whose skin color is light,
Will those who were needy now become greedy,
Will the leadership think a black White House is hip,
Will there be a turn over of power, from which 'whitey' wil cower,
Will there then be plots to topple the former 'have nots'?
If this is the revolution to be, no, don't count on me.
If this will be a revolution of solution,
If all races work through strife towards a better life,
If education throughtout the land will ve the peoples's stand,
If preservation of natural resources is one of the guiding forces,
If violence will cease to the secret weapon of love and peace,
If all will commit, vowing to be in heaven before we quit,
Then this revolution to be can count on me."
As the brotha' looked my way he parted his lips to say,
"My Sista', I have analyzed that you have been revolutionized!"


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