ove. What does love mean to you?
Does it mean that you think about a person through and through?
Does it mean tha you'd walk a million miles?
Does it even mean that you'd walk down the aisle?

If that person died, what would you do?
If that person died, would you die too?
Would you stay with that person till the day you die?
Just watching the years go by and by?

You know, staying with that person would be such a challenge.
But, I think your love would make it happen.
For if your love is truly great,
Then you would ask no other for a date.

I ask myself again and again,
Is this love? Or just a mere infatuation?
I come to the conclusion that this is indeed love.
So I need not hesitate, just because.

Today is the day, the day that I ask her.
Now if she says yes, the there will be no other.
But if she should say no, well that'll be the day I die.
But for your love, I'd gladly give my life.


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