rowing up in the Hood, living with a family of eight
With only a mother, putting food on the plate
Daddy decided, he could no longer cope
Living in the Projects, with four boys and four girls with little or no hope
If you could only see the things that I saw
Right before your eyes, imagine a father with a claw

Leaving our home, and never to return
Didn't even give a damn what his children would learn
Mother would work all kinds of jobs
Making sure that her family, would never part
Growin up in the Hood, was a difficult task
But we all strived to graduate at the top of our class
Once we finished, still it wasn't enough
Mother gave us a chance at aCollege, four years, yes it was tough
Now I think for a moment, and try to relate
While growing up in the Hood, you definitely need your Faith
Mother always did the best that she could
Providing a loving home, while growing up in the Hood


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