don't know where my poems come from...
but when somethin' say "move"
I move
I pick up my pencil
and I sit
while energy infuses me...
hypnotized... I write
big caramel colored fingers slidin' cross da' pages
fragmented thoughts on rhythm come pourin'
down, pourin' down, pourin' down
like love... through my crown
I sit hypnotized...
pieces of poetry float through my dreams
pieces of poems (still readable even after the spin cycle)
inside my jeans
I even seen a poem
dancin' on a hamhock in my collard greens
to a James Bond tune
talkin' bout "I got the feelin'"
I heard a poem
whisper in my ear
slid in on a teardrop that landed there
when I was feelin'... the blues
I seen a poem on a chubby girl's stomach
while she was jumpin' double dutch, double time, double dare
I seen a poem in your eye
and when somethin' say "move" ... I couldn't
cause... you... started turnin' into a big ol' poem
a funky masculine hunk of vanilla/chocolate
heart beat stoppin', lip smackin'
POETRY... ain't just a notion
baby you is, baby you is, baby you is,
my... favorite... poem


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