am a fighter, a fighter am I;
I fight all the time and I will tell you why.
I fight back my own tears that are so crystal blue;
I fight for those that can't fight, I fight for you.
I fight sometimes just to hear myself fight;
I fight in the day, I fight at night.
I fight for those children that have spent a lifetime crying;
I fight for the sick, I fight for the dying.
I fight for the deaf, I fight for the blind;
I fight for all those who make an effort to come from behind.
I fight for the geek, I fight for the nerd;
I fight for all of those voices that have never been heard.
I fight for those that are lonely at heart;
I fight for those lives that have been torn apart.
I fight for the children, the teenagers, and adults;
I fight for all kinds of people and all kinds of faults.
I fight for the weak, I fight for the strong;
and so it is with great pleasure, I give to you my prizefighting song.
I will be forever fighting with all my heart and might;
For it is, until the day that I die, I shall FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!


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