was just a young man, when I heard a newsman say.

"John Glenn is the astronaut, who will fly in space today."

I watched him on my black and white in clouds of smoke and fire.
I watched the ice fall from his bird as the missile climbed still higher.

When the Earth set him free, like a dove freed from one's own hands.
To streak across foreverness, in silent, wingless flight,
Reflecting sunshine back to earth, a new star in the night.

Now I'm so much older, those dreams have long since died.
But now John Glenn will fly again, and again my dreams will ride.

I'll watch him on my color set, blast into the blue.
Igniting dreams of yesterday with a sense of de'ja'vu.

This time I'll keep them burning; my age won't make me sway,
And someday there may come the day, I too will blast away.


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