top looking for absurdities and boundaries
Don't look for street signs or detours
To reach the farm of berries
Only prickly thorns are left there
The air is now crisp, devoid of perfumes.

A wreath of holly now beckons at the door
Bough from the same shrub
Find me in it and let me find you
answer my call to gather around and renew
Vows to ward off alienation, -offer no excuses.

Bring an olive branch if this is sought,
Feathery quilll and leaves, a piece of bark
And knife, a chisel and table of stone,
Echoes and dreams-eternal verses,
And oh yes, some laurel leaves.

There is no price tag for friendship
It is affordable, and replenishing itself
Transcending race and culture barriers
Crossing self-made demarcation lines
It is a gift and always given free.


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