oo Coo Coo Let's hear the cooing dove
Coo Coo Coo Let's hear the wooing love
How long will these weapons mock out peace?
How long will these weapons speak for us?
Glittering blades clanged for blood- that was yesterday
Sparking guns powed for life- that was yesterday
Loud cannons boomed in rage- that was yesterday
Now we proclaim a change in the name of time,
and our intoxicated sophistication has given a new voice-
a whispering voice of rage, where gravity is defied,
and warheads, scuds, and rockets attempt the speed of light.
They have spoken in their inhuman way, and has left us
Claiming that "Misery has been a long time friend to mother earth."
Our quest for pace and space has left us ravished.
Our global flag waves with the wind of harmonious voices
silenced echoes of men, women, and children-
"We are victims of your weapons- Your weapons have no eyes to see,
No heart to feel, and for the peace and joy of tomorrow,
Let's hear the cooing doves coo.


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