he world was weary and drab and brown.
The stop was a frightened little town
That clung to the railroad track,
Tending its panting, trembling beasts
With endless miles at its back.
Life went out of his wistful eyes,
Dwindling along the ties.

Her face was weary and drab and plain
From knowing no freshness of grass or rain...
Only those endless miles.
Yet under it slumbered a fertile hope
That showed in her fleeting smiles.
He looked with wonder and mild surprise
As he saw what lay in her eyes.

And he knew what seeds would spring in birth
If rain should fall on her thirsty earth.
And his smile was warm and gay,
And it brought a touch of bloom to her cheeks
As her weariness went away.
The world was a warm and golden brown
As life came again to the town.


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