f you just open your eyes, you will see.
Sometimes it doesn't
Take much for you to make "History."

Let's take a look at how history starts!
For example, look at "Rosa Parks."

This lady had worked hard all day.
She didn't have time for child's play.

She got on the bus, with very tired feet.
All she wanted was a seat.

Wasn't allowed on the front of the bus!
She didn't cuss, didn't cause a fuss!
But this day, it didn't matter,
Just refused to listen to the chatter!

Refused to give that man her seat,
All she could think about was her tired feet!
Had she not refused to give-up that front seat on the bus,
who knows how long it would have taken us!
This started a bus boycott, which was a big success,
and my friends, you know the rest!
This is how "HISTORY" is made!


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