ow could you curse me with this thing?!
My son, I've given you a song to sing
Can't you see it's me they mock?!
Succumb to me, join my flock
What do you want from me?!
To see what others cannot see
How can you tell me not to complain?!
Focus on my work, and ye shall maintain
Who are you to govern my behavior?!
Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior
My God! I can feel the change
For this day, I no longer feel strange
Unto you goes all the glory
Tell me... how can I share your story?!?!
First, I'm going to rejoice
But before I use my voice
How can I... rise up from the floor?
Release your tension, and let my spirit pour
Lord Jesus, must I stay the same?
Claim your miracle in my name


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