e traveled through his life and at the end he came up short,
He got the baddest grades, and stunk at every sport,
On the journey of his life, he couldn't see the road,
The blunt smoke killed his eyes, and left him still and cold.

He was a druggie all his life, and a father at thirteen,
He was trash since he was nine, a poor sight to be seen,
His face was chalky white, and his veins were filled with holes,
And close to every day, blood leaked from his nose.

I saw him last night, putting papers on his tongue,
then for no apparent reason, he just started to run,
Then he hit the ground, and his nose began to bleed,
I saw that druggie die a death, of crack and LSD.

I stood there and I cried, but not about his death,
I cried for his small baby, who needs help to fill his breath,
I cried for that poor girl, who gave an early birth,
The one who'll have to tell her baby, that's daddy buried in the earth.


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