made it out of ‘that place,’ I tell you…you may have heard about it before
That place where fear, regret and disappointment can knock you to the floor

Speechless and amazed, devastated by broken dreams
Smiling on the outside, in the very absence of joy, casual onlookers would be deceived

In ‘that place’ there’s no laughing at life’s small miracles
Always watching others tasting adventurous highs and touching mountainous pinnacles

‘That place’ is prison without walls, Existence is its name
Self pity, no esteem, no life and hearts that pump crimson colored shame

Take courage! You must! Cage your emotions enough to think
Grow weary of sippin’ bitter waters, from sweeter streams you seek to drink
‘That place’…it did break me, but crush me it couldn’t do
I survived ‘that place’…you can too…’cause I see myself in you


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