ecause of You, I have dip into my well of creative power, and I Drink Deep.
I know that my voice speaking to you is old.
That it does not rattle through the air and cause your heart to Beat.
This does not mean that I am Frail anymore than the light of the candle is weak.
When it shines to reveal your way.
Because of You, I sit still just to enter the stillness of contemplation.
To access the memories that relates to our Present Situation.
Because of You, I can create the maximized creative potential of the Moment.
Anima, Inner memory of the feminine.
Just to better understand You for this I get the best pick of the litter.
Because of You, My dreams remind me of my roots.
I now see my future potential, itís in you.
My dreams no longer terrorize my sleep.
Only because You the Libra, your scales are not trembled by my dreams.
I trust that you are of balance.
Because of You, My creative juices flow freely allowing for some of my very best work.
I still donít expect every activity to bear precious fruit.
As some results are meant only to teach.
Because of You, I Love You.
Because of YouÖ


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