he inspiration of God has power and might
Its brilliance illuminates like a beacon of light
Every time I see a little baby bird
I revel that His marvelous creation began with a “Word.”

In my mind’s eye I can visualize and conceive
The paradise He made for Adam and Eve.
Everything that was true and good and dear,
God made it all and placed it right here.

Take a moment to look around.
The beauty of His creation doth eternally abound
Enjoy the fragile loveliness of a delicate flower
A living testament of God’s great power

In seven days God made the world
He also made a boy and a girl
Everything He made was blest from above
With the ultimate objective being His love

The Spirit of the Lord dwells in this place
The beauty of His love can be found on every face
We can tap into “Earthly Paradise” anytime of the day
For we always encounter paradise whenever we pray.


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