was once down, but I aint no mo, cause IM MOVING UP.
Lawdy, Lawd, never seen it so bright,
Cause only you God, pulled me from the night!

IM MOVING UP with courage and strength from above
Ill journey on through this land with lots of love
Oh yes, Lawd, IM MOVING UP!

Because of You, take my hand and guide me still,
For theres work yet to be done, over yonder hill.

Theres a bright future for Old Black Me
But with faith in You taint hard to see,
As the clouds roll back to brighten my track. Cause IM MOVING UP!
IM MOVING UP to a better day!

Trusting and depending on You Lawdto pave the way.

Ill fight on to very end this rough old road wont always bend.
Itll straighten out, as I sing, shout and pray for a brighter tomorrow,
Free from too much sadness and so much sorrow.

Yes, IM MOVING UPThanks be to God for strength to carry through
Lord God, Ill always depend on You!

Oh, yes! IM MOVING UP! Never, never giving up!
One day, hopefully, may I hear You say, Well done.
Then Ill know, the Victory is won!


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