he Holocaust, what a terrible name, My people the Germans are all put to shame.
A tear drips down a child’s face, and then she disappears,
Into the chamber, she goes while we confirm all her fears.
Hitler says they are the problem and not knowing I believe him, Their fates are unknown but mine is the sin.
Today we set a record, almost 700 dead, the day is gone but I can still hear the voices in my head.
Now I see what we’re doing, no problem can be fixed by death,
What have they done so wrong for us to take away their living breath?
If I say what I feel I will meet their fate, but I cannot ignore the fact of all those we have killed.
What a horrible place this is, the memories, the pain and all the ovens filled.
The sound of marching feet interrupts my train of thought,
Sharp pains bursting from my side and the sounds of guns tell us we’ve been caught.
A German soldier and nothing more, My life was a waste a thought I can’t ignore.
Now I lay here silently waiting for what comes next, A certain death that will take away my living breath.


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