iving off my dying breath, because I simply didnít think,
I knew I had enough, but I took another drink,
I couldnít even see straight but I still went for a drive,
And itís thanks to that decision, that Iím no longer alive.

I always thought itís cool, to be the one thatís getting high,
But I never thought Iíd be, the one thatís got to die,
I thought I was immortal, and that a puff would never hurt,
But now Iím looking down, at my body in the dirt.

It took my death to see, that getting high is not a game,
And now Iím not just dead, but my memory in shame,
First I took the drink, and then I lost my self control,
And now here I am, a hell bound unmissed soul.

If you wish I were alive, know I brought it on myself,
Through drugs and alcohol, I gave up my lifeís wealth,
I chose to meet my death, and didnít even know,
And thanks to drugs and alcohol, I have nothing left to show.


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