hoking, gasping, sputtering in blood
The world turns red as all around men fall like limp rag dolls
In rage, the titans clash and struggle to survive, to show who reigns supreme
Base instincts rise to suffocating levels as the animal within escapes
Rabid, gnashing, clawing with numb hands
They lock in an unending dance, clenching teeth and pounding fists to the cadence of their hearts
Pulsing temples keep the heat as still the world spins ‘round
A waterfall of sweat cascades, combines in flowing rivulets down a nose
Waiting, pausing, tensing at each joint
What will they do next?
Each tries, in vain, to read the other’s mind: to guess, to estimate, anticipate the coming move
The eyes are level; the windows to the soul reveal nothing that lies within
And then one strikes – The other falls
His eyes glaze over – He’ll dance no more
And the other moves on, in search of some new prey – a new partner for the maddening music


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