believe, God planted wings inside each one of us,
Won’t you dare to believe?
Fluttering wings of profound purposes and golden destinies!

With wings we have much to offer,
Gifts unrecognized through worldly eyes,
Dazzling wings of graceful flight, brilliant rainbows and peaceful skies.

With wings we have much to offer
Punctured souls overcome by deep despair,
Wings of hope, of listening ears and warm, comfortable chairs.

With wings we have much to offer
Wounded travelers through this frantic life,
Wings of flight of ecstasy, a gentle spirit and tongues without strife.

With wings we have so much to offer,
Surely bank accounts could never buy
Compassionate wings having kissed broken hearts
Transforming caterpillars into celestial butterflies!

Yes! I believe!
Wings for you, Wings for me, Wings for all of us to receive!


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