ll of my heroes are dying.
The word “honor” no longer applies.
Sex spurs buying, our leaders keep lying,
And the black bottom line
Is the ultimate prize.

Make it cheaper! Form it faster!
Cut the excess, trim it lean.
No need for a hand craft master.
To build a new car, there's more profit by far
To use automated robotic machines.

Media assail me with sight and sound bites -
An endless barrage of brief flickering scenes
That endorse my absolute God-given right
To clear cut the trees, to poison the streams,
And to pave black all that is green.

My heroes were all once larger than life -
John Lennon, the Kennedys, King.
Each paid a dear price to ease human strife.
Now, sadly, my new search begins. This time,
Within my own heart is where I will start.


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