sat patiently on the roof of my father’s house
Which sits on the hill, waiting for the clouds to swim by
So I could raise my arms and let their cotton current
Run through my fingers.
One of the planets revolving around my head
Caught the current and is hidden in the clouds
Like a distant balloon a child can see from an airplane window.
Downtown in a white room a guardian angel watches a sad girl
Cry and wraps its wings around her whispering, “since your birth,
God does to your heart what the sun does to the earth.”
I slowly jumped off the roof and on to the giant hands
That assist me and direct me in life
Through strange periods of consciousness.
Now it’s dawn and I expect all of those people caught in dreams
Will being to fall, while a homeless lady looks on in concern
And retreats under the tree blocking the sun.
The mouth of my boredom is open and the best thing about today
Is the ability to share things with you
And watch the flowers around you radiate
As the pedals from roses begin to float upward
While you stand in a stream connect to my valley.


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