how me who I am
Help me see my place on this earth
Grant me wisdom to recognize how I value myself
Show me direction and protect me with influence
Allow me the patience to observe before I determine
Teach me to walk, so one day I may run
Help me anticipate wrong, so I may do right
Guide me to the truth, so that I may feel pure
Show me deception, so I am better aware
Grant me courage and help me proceed with caution
Show me desperation, so I can appreciate tranquility
Bless me with vision, so I may cherish the beauty within my days
Nourish me with strength, so I may bare any task
Teach me sacrifice, so I take nothing for granted
Inspire me to create, so I too can inspire
Help me achieve, so I may breathe success
Shower me with confidence and I shall exceed my potential
Embrace my existence with the power of your grace
Show me a glimpse of light at the end of this tunnel and I shall reach it
Lord, show me
Show me The Way


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