ím a kings kid Ė Jehovahís Princess,
Made in His perfect image, and likeness,
Canít be destroyed by dysfunctional family,
Canít be drowned in a pool of chaos, and madness,
Canít be burnt by fire-eating peers,
Canít be nailed down by negativism,
I must rise above broken bridges.

Father, drugged himself to death,
Mother, took Ė off, and landed in jail,
Relatives, friends, forgotten,
A lost child in a crazy world,
Starved, stabbed, abused, used and dumped.
Overjoyed to meet J-E-S-U-S,
Oh yes! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

He cleaned me inside out,
He wiped away my tears,
He turned my scars to stars,
He filled my heart with love, and joy,
He taught me to fish, and forgive,
He gave me hope, and peace,
Iím a kingís kid Ė Jehovahís Princess..


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