his is a pod of Orka Whales that live in the Pacific Sea.,
They love the islands, rains that flood with Salmon running free.
Here the glaciers carved the land with Fiords and channels deep.
Marine lakes were formed by rising tides…here the Salmon leap.

A pod of Orkas trapped themselves following the delicious red…
Trapped in a lake by falling tide unnoticed while they fed.
Weeks they starved in the barren lake awaiting the rising tide.
Danger was near…shallows they fear…then a baby Orka died.

People came from miles around…each with a motor boat.
They formed a cordon across the lake…a moving most noisy float.
With the next high tide and fear behind the Orkas tried again.
They turned about at the people’s shout…back through the entrance they swam.

Did you ever see the Orkas dance, or hear the Whales sing?
Wild and free with their melody they make the islands ring.
Everyone marveled, some even cried…a wonderful thing to see…
A beautiful rainbow framed the Orkas as they danced on out to sea.


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