song leaps from my heart at the beginning of each new day,
A song with a melody that never plays a sad song,
Never carries a tune that is wrong, this is just my way…
If I have the choice of sitting this one out, I will choose to dance!
If there is breath of life there is always hope of life,
Love and great things to experience and know!
It is so important if there is love of the heart, to let it show!

Some live a life that never knows real sorrow,
Some face sorrow more than it seems they should.
Some we say, have more than their share,
But still face it as much as they could.
If you have a choice dance, dance, dance!

Even in the face of sorrow, I don't want to sit this one out,
Even in the face of tears, I don't want to sit this one out,
I want to choose to dance!
I hope with all my heart, that no matter come what may,
That you will always choose to dance! Dance of the heart, dance of the soul,
Dance with all your might, dance with courage, never letting go.


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