hen you went away and left me, you took away the sun,
Maybe we could start all over, forgetting whatís been done.
I canít begin to express, the heartache that I feel,
Itís so hard to comprehend, I canít believe itís real.
After all we promised, until death do us part,
My reason for livingís gone, left with a broken heart.
It seems I have no life at all, ever since youíve gone,
Evening all alone just drag, even days seem long.
I keep looking out the door, to the empty street,
Searching for your face alone, in all those I meet.
Iím just waiting for the day, hoping for your return,
I promise Iíll be good to you, many lessons have been learned.
Iíll buy a special card for every worthwhile occasion,
And gently gear to every word, without persuasion.
Iíll cherish you more than ever before, in everything we share,
Just a sincere note to say, how much I really care.
I promise weíll go out and dance, and take an airplane ride,
Anything at all we do, is pleasure at your side.
Getting back together, weíll surely celebrate,
In my greatest hour of need, I pray itís not too late!


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