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Thank you for looking to Famous Poets for your publishing needs. If you have written enough poems to fill your own book then you should seriously consider having them published. The information provided here will help you decide if our services will best serve you in your publishing endeavor.

The first step is to download the pricing chart, which you can do here. Simply look at the chart and see how many pages and copies you want and then determine the price to publish your books. As you will see there are also some other options you can add like photos, dedications, illustrations and different promotion packages - these are all optional of course.

Then download the Layout Sheets here. With these you can layout your manuscript page by page. Keep in mind that the inside square of the layout sheet is roughly the size the book will be. So your poem needs to fit inside with at least an inch all around. We use a size 11 Times New Roman font in the books. If your poems are excessively long they may require 2 pages (or more). Use a size 11 font to get a fair idea of spacing.

After you have everything in order just send it all to us and we'll make a galley copy of the book for you to proof. It should look pretty much like you want it the first time but if not just let us know and we'll get it right. Rest assured that we will be diligent about producing a quality book for you.

Welcome to our family of published poets!

If you would like this information mailed to you please send $5 to:

Famous Poets - Dept PubKit
PO Box 21
Talent, OR 97540

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